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This is a freedom/distribution website from which BitMag wanted to extend to you. By you using this site you must know that this a privilege. Be aware that we are not responsible for any of you when you get in trouble. If you have any questions please send a message through the contact form. If you have any ideas for adding to this site please fill out a request form. Also if you have any pictures that you want the whole BitMag community to see then please email to Blau gepard. So if you want to join us please send me a message.


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  • If you find any new websites please use the Contact page letting us know so then we can save it. Please give us 24-48 hours to respond. Also if any of the websites get blocked let us know so we can take care of it.


  • No uploading anything Inappropriate


There will be absolutely:

  • No Spamming the Chat
  • Cursing of any kind
  • Any form of bad mouthing another person
  • Putting another person down


  • No Hacking!!
  • No Uploading Anything Inappropriate
  • And Anything that will violate the Terms of Agreement & Privacy Policy
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